Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

  • Preventative maintenance and repairs will be thoroughly discussed with you prior to the work being done.
  • If your pool exceeds a water hardness level of 500 parts per million (ppm) or a Cyanuric acid level of 80 ppm, the pool should be drained approximately halfway and refilled to lower the ppm level. If this is not completed, Hydro-Logix Pools will not take responsibility for scaling, staining of plaster, or damage to the heater. This procedure will require additional chemicals and labor to complete.


Although your weekly service includes brushing of tile, cleaning of the tile lime deposits will be performed at owner’s request. This will require additional labor and chemicals to be billed accordingly. Pools with raised spas and waterfalls have a tendency to leave a calcium buildup on tile and surrounding areas where water spills into the pool. This also requires additional labor and chemicals and will be performed at the owner’s request.

Filter Cleans

Your pool is equipped with a diatomaceous earth (DE), sand or cartridge filter and requires servicing on a regular basis. DE and cartridge filters should be cleaned twice a year and a sand filter should be cleaned once every two years. A fee of $100.00 will be charged for the filter clean.

Salt Systems

If your pool uses a chlorine-generating salt system, the cell should be cleaned once every three months. A fee of $65.00 will be charged for this service.